Increase Sales with Self-Order Kiosks

Offered by Your Trusted Portland-Based Provider


Seamlessly integrated to send orders directly from the kiosk to the POS to the kitchen.


Equipped with upselling prompts and automated marketing to boost profits.


Gives guests more control over the customer experience for increased satisfaction.

Accurate Orders Every Time

Give Guests the Experiences They Deserve

  • Kiosk: Guests input their own orders into the kiosk and add instructions to ensure their orders are made to their tastes.
  • Point of Sale: Your kiosk solution is seamlessly integrated into your POS so all orders and instructions get sent directly to the system.
  • Kitchen Display System: Orders are then sent directly to the kitchen, along with all instructions and modifiers, so staff can begin preparing.

Revenue-Boosting Features

Increase Profits and Drive Loyalty

  • Real-time Data: Integrate your solutions and increase visibility across systems for informed business decisions.
  • Reduced Labor Costs: Speed up service, serve more customers, and free up employees to focus on more important tasks.
  • Increased Average Spend: Offer automatic upselling prompts and suggestive selling based on customer preferences.

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Remote and On-Site Services and Support

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